Stephen's Algebra Combining Like Terms, Scribe Post

  • you combine like terms on 2-step algebraic equations to simplify it.
  • a positive integer and a positive integer is a like term
  • a negative integer and a negative integer is a like term
  • 2w and 4w is also a like term
  • For Example,  

As you see what I did there, I combined the two like terms to simplify the equation to make a 1-step algebraic equation. if the variable comes last then I will show you how to simplify it combining the like terms

whenever you have more than one constant combine the like terms add them together to simplify the equation and have one constant with the variable to make life easier.
I have linked a video on combining like terms below this sentence

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  1. The First half of your post was very good. Using colour, making words bold and underlined made the important things pop out. I like how you made your own pictures by using paint. But the second half of your post when you say Like Terms-Answers didn't make very much sense to me. Even though, this post was very well made. Good job.

  2. now that i read it, it didn't make sense to me! thanks for telling me vincent