Stefi's Integer Post Adding and Subtracting

 This is my first post about integers, I will be talking about adding and subtracting.

 In class we made a movie about Adding and Subtracting Integers. Here is my movie.

This is what i know about Adding and Subtracting Integers.
  • When adding both positive numbers you just add them all together. 
  • When subtracting both positive numbers and the second one is bigger you have to put the first number on your paper, and the bigger number into a zero pair (which is both negative and positives) you cross out the bigger positive numbers and find the zero pairs with the small numbers positive and the bigger numbers negative.
  • When subtracting a negative number from a positive number, you must first write down the positive numbers down and the negative numbers into a zero pair. 

Multiplying and Dividing Integers. ^

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