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hi okay how do you even introduce yourself???  but anyways i totally love math and i LOVE algebra !1!!!21 and today or tonight i'm going to walk you through two step algebra questions.


E. 5 +4n = 29

When the problem you're solving starts off with the constant rather than the co-efficient & its variable. It's like what Mr.Harbeck always refers to when he says you eat the dessert before the brussel sprouts. But i mean if that's your thing then you do you, however it's much easier and fitting when the co-efficient as well as the variable comes first.

So in this case, the constant comes before the co-efficient but this can easily be flipped and will not cause any problems.

5 + 4n = 29
4n + 5 = 29
Next, you need to isolate the co-efficient and the variable so in this case you have to subtract 5 in order to isolate it since you're cancelling out the positive 5.

4n + 5-5 = 29 - 5
4n = 24
-         -
4        4
n = 6

Remember to always balance out your equation so if you've subtracted 5 from one side you have to subtract 5 on the opposing side.Continue on with the the problem and do the math, 29 - 5 equals 24 and you're left with 4n = 24. This then leads you to the division part; 4n divided by 4 = n and 24 divided by 4 = 6. And don't forget your 'let' statement !!

let n = 64n + 5 = 24
4 (6) = 24
     24 = 24


The same steps/rules also kind of applies to this type of equation, you just have to multiply rather than dividing.
This is the same steps as the one above but the next step consists of multiplying. 

You multiply -16 and -2 because you take the -16 from the  left side and the outcome of 99 subtracted is 101 is -2.
a = 32

word problem;
C. Oshgosh  would like to buy a new pair of skates for $115. So far he has saved $40. If he earns $7.50 per hour, how many hours must he work until he can buy the skates?

the world problem is a combination of  all the steps we've done above.



one positive zayn + one positive girlfriend = one negative dane or two whatever??

If you did not understand anything i tried to explain, i hope this video helps you with it a little bit more, but other than the feel free to ask me any questions and send in feedback :) but please don't criticize me to an extreme length i am just a small lima bean who isn't even 5ft !!1 :( 

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    on the other hand, i think you did well on your use of color and explanation throughout every equation. your scribe included detailed information and examples. great job!

  2. Good Job Dane I understand this well you explained it step by step. You used a lot of color and made the pictures big enough to read.

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  5. Good Job on your Scribe Post Dane. You made it organized and step by step. It makes it a lot easier to read. All your writing and pictures are good in size, not to small that some people cant read.

  6. Im not even from your class but Dane, your scribe post made me laugh hahaha. I like how you colour coded and added humour to your post, it makes learning about math way fun. But i got a question, would Zayn Malik+no girlfriend= happy Dane?