Kobe's Algebraic Substitution Lesson

Hello people of the interwebs it is me Kobe and I am here to teach you how to solve a algebra equation with algebraic substitution.

1. 8[2x-(3)]-6x      (Let x=3)
2. 8[2(3)-3]-6(3)
3. 8[6-3]-6(3)
4. 8[3]-6(3)
5. 24-6(3)
6. 24-18

7. 6
Step 1. First you must write the question down (ex. 8[2x-3]-6x)
Step 2. Second you let x = 3 (ex. 8[23-3]-63)
Step 3. You use "BEDMAS" (ex. first [2(3)], second [2-3], ect.)
Step 4. Repeat "BEDMAS" until there is only 1 number left which is the answer (sum,product, etc.)

Doing Algebraic Substitution is as easy as that, but if you did not understand something feel free to ask Mr. Harbeck, People in the chatbox thingy, Or me (Kobe). Thank you for visiting my post and have a good day :) .

And also don't forget to watch the video below

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