Jovinelle's Integer Post Adding and Subracting

This is my first post about Integers. I will be talking about Adding and Subtracting.

In class we made a movie about adding and subtracting integers. Here is my movie.

This is what I know about adding and subtracting integers:
  • When adding and subtracting integers you can use many ways to get the answer like using the number line and absolute value.
  • The most used way to show integers are integer chips.
  • When you use integer chips you take the question and draw circles, shaded or non-shaded to show negative and positive. Then you circle out the zero pairs.
  • Zero pairs are a positive and a negative combined.
  • Absolute Value is when you keep the symbol(+ and -)of the larger number than the other number and it would give you an idea of what the would be.

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