Algebra Substitution With Armina

Hey there 8-14, if you where absent yesterday then read this and get caught up.

Now in class we learned about "Algebra Substitution". this is when you are given the variable. It's like verify by visa but you don't have an answer. If you have your algebra booklet, take that out and find the "How Does a Rodeo Star Get Around?" page and look at it. At that page we see something that looks familiar but has something different. It looks like this:

Also, these are the answers for the first two questions. Mr. Haebeck(sorry if I spell wrong) said that you don't need to solve the pun, it's asking you to do a different thing. Oh I almost forgot, the example up there is step by step algebra.
For more information watch this:
If you wan't to ask questions, please go to the chat, box, thing, I don't use this thing OK?

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  1. I like that you added a picture and a video to go with the post it makes much better. There wasn't much explaining on your part. All you showed us is a picture and a video. Even though they are great I would still like to see how you did the questions explaining how you did it in words.

  2. good job armina!! i really liked how you explained it :)

  3. good job armina!! i really liked how you explained it :)

  4. Good job on your post! I liked how you used a picture to show us how you solved the questions and a follow-up with a video but I didn't quite understand what you were trying to explain, it would've been helpful if you expanded more on the word portion but other than that, it was good.