Charles's Problem Solving

Word Problems

      To solve word problem you have to follow the rule the first rule of is to read it three times then come up with a sentence to the problem that you are solving and find the first number and write down the numbers with notes and figure out your question and figure if its multiplying or dividing etc. And answer it and do the opposite when you are doing your questions example if its diving you have to multiply. Ex

A bank of 8 floodlights together use 1000 watts of power. How much  power is used by each bulb?
                            Each lightbulb use 125 watts
                                                 Let w = be the power used per bulb
                                  1000 energy for 8 bulbs        8 Lights÷ 1000 energy total
                                                     8       8
                                                   L= 125

    On the first down, a football team had a loss of 8yd. After two downs, the team had an over all gain of 20yd. How many yards were gained on a second?

     The team gained 28 yards on the second down.
                                    Let y= yard gained on 2nd down
   8yd loss (-8)
 20yd gain after two downs       First 2nd total yards

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  1. great job Charles! your explanation was very clear and I could understand it perfectly. the video you included was very educational and helpful, but you should use some pictures next time instead of using only text. well done Charles! :)

  2. good job on your scribe post charles! you did a very swell work at explaining the steps and it was very easy to understand, although i recommend adding in colour and pictures to help liven up the post.

  3. Good Job on your Scribe Post Charles. It's very well done but it isn't very pleasing to the eye. There are no pictures that catch my attention and your explanation for solving word problems is very explanatory.

  4. Sorry, I couldn't put in pictures in because my computer keep crashing when I try to insert a photo.