Eunice's Integer Adding and Subtracting

This is my first post about Integers. I will be talking about Adding and Subtracting.

In class we made a movie about adding and subtracting integers. Here is my movie.

This is what I know about adding and subtracting integers:
  • When you can't remove what is not there you have to add a zero pair
  • Circle to dedicate zero pairs or removing 
  •  Finding the absolute value of an integer can help you find the right sign to use

You can also solve an adding integer questions with a number line or with chips, like so in the pictures below. 

For example: 
          Number Line  
  • Make sure you put a dot where you start
  • Use an arrow to know where you went from the number line
  • Circle the answer in the number line
  • Write how much you added
  • Put a legend or key on your page
  • put the chips under the question so its more organize and easy to see
  • make sure to circle or indicate the zero pairs

Multiplying and Dividing Integers 

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