Jobelle's Integer Post Adding and Subtracting

This is my first post about integers. I will be talking about adding and subtracting.

In class we made a movie about adding and subtracting integers. Here is my movie.

This is what I know about adding and subtracting integers:

  • a zero pair is both positive(s) and negative(s)
  • when adding a negative and positive, you look for the largest absolute value to see if the answer is negative or positive
  • you can use a number line or integer chips to solve the questions
  • subtracting negatives, you just add more negative chips since you're just removing, and remove what needs to be removed
  • number line; put a starting dot to where you start, make an arrow to the answer, write the question on the arrow, then circle the sum
  • -37 + -41 = owe 37 and owe 41= owe 78
  • integers scripts: +3 + -2 = +1 [you put 3 positives on your paper. You put two negatives on your paper. Then find your zero pair and circle them. You are left with one positive.]
  • absolute value: holds the value of what it is we are talking about.
  • 3-7= -4 [ 3 REMOVE 7]
  • -9 + +7 = -2 [-9 AND/COMBINE +7]

 Multiplying and Dividing Integers

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