Ryan's Problem Solving post.

Hello everyone! I'm Ryan and im here to tell you how to do problem solving in algebra!
I will will demonstrate 2 ideas on how to solve Problem solving.

So the first thing to do in order to solve a problem is to read the question 3 times. 
After you have read the question u must write out the answer. when i say answer i mean you write the answer but with a blank. e.g ( Jerry owns ___ comic books). after u have done that u start to solve it.

So the First question that we are doing is..

Ben and Jerry together own 24 comic books. If Ben owns 6 CB's ( Comic Books), how many does Jerry own? So our answer will be Jerry owns ___ CB's. 
But before we do anything we have to do our statement. Let C be Jerry's CB's.
Now we try to solve and answer the question .
As you can see the answer is 18. Since now we know the answer we can put the answer on the blank space. Jerry owns 18 CB's.

Our second question is.. 

Hans Klobber sells vacuum cleaners. He gets one eight of his sales as a commission. How much must he sell in order to get $1000?
If i tell u guys what commission means i think it will help u understand more of whats happening. 
so Commission means the fraction of your total sale. Basically means one eight of your sales.
Now our statement or Variable will be Let x be Hans sales. so that will leave to our answer which is Hans must sell ____ to earn $1000.
As you can see the answer is 8000. So now we put 8000 into the blank space.
Hans must sell $8000 to earn $1000. 

If you guys still don't understand here is a video 

I know a lot of words, but i think its good!

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  1. Great Scribe Ryan, since I wasn't at school on Thursday afternoon I got to read what you've learned that day and I now know what we have learned. Next time maybe make the photo a little bit bigger so we can see it.

  2. well done on your scribe post Ryan! the pictures had some pretty great explanations in there but next time I suggest making your pictures bigger next time. over all, you did a pretty great job on your first scribe post.

  3. Well done Scribe Post Ryan. I like the picture you used to attract us, the people but it is a bit childish if I say so myself. Like I said with Han's Scribe Post I would like the pictures you embedded into your post much larger. I can't even read or see what is on the pictures.

  4. Dude sexy pic of a giraffe dude..........................