Hans' Multiplying and Dividing Integers Post

Welcome on learning how to Multiply and Divide Integers in Algebra


This post will help you too understand how to do these types of equations.
When you have these types of equations you always balance out the equation it can't be unbalanced. You balance it out by canceling the coefficient with your constant then you just have your answer divided by your constant.If there is a coefficient like (-3x) cancel it with the same (-3) negative number.

These types of questions are with fractions. When you do these questions you do the opposite operation so you move the constant with brackets beside the variable making it multiplication and like I said with balance you have to do it on the other side same when it has negative numbers.

When questions are like these you just need to make it simpler so when you have a fraction you are dividing. Move the variable to the numerator.Rewrite as division and after its a variable divide by the constant equals your answer than its the same type of questions as the one above this equation.

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  1. nice work Hans but next time you should make your examples a little bigger :D

  2. I like your use of the cover picture. It caught my eye right away. All your pictures are well done but your second and third picture are small and very hard to read. Next time be sure to make them bigger. Also you forgot to add the negative sign on the 2 on the third picture, right side on the second step.

  3. Great Job on your scribe Hans! I really like how you presented it, next time can you please make the pictures a little bit bigger? It's a little hard to read.

  4. Good job Hans and Jovi, great examples and use of colour but maybe next time Hans make the photo's bigger so its easier to read.. Awesome Job!

  5. great job hans !
    you used different varieties of colours and explained the steps clearly; your examples could be a tad bit bigger though.

  6. very informational and well explained.
    but i recommend to use just a bit of more color?
    nonetheless, it made me understand the topic and the video was also really helpful.