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      If you're SEVERELY struggling on solving algebraic equations like this and have the iconic 'Kim Kardashian crying face' all day and everyday, I'm here to show you how to solve fractional equations. But in order to solve these kinds of algebraic equations, you must know:

  •  finding the numbers' lowest terms
  • (-1)  =          7                                                                                                                                                       5
  • combining like terms
  • negative divided by positive = negative
  • negative divided by negative = positive
  • positive divided by positive = positive

10y + 8y = 15

    If there are two variables or more in one equation,you must find whether the coefficients are negative or positive. In this question, both coefficients are positive. You then add the two coefficients to make one coefficient. And if your answer includes an addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division statement, you solve that first. Those are called like terms.
18y = 15

   Second, you divide both numbers by the coefficient.

  18 y  =   15 
                                                                         18          18

   Once you have divided both numbers by its coefficient, this is where it is the same to your variable. But when you divide 15 by 18, you won't get an even number. So you find 15 and 18's lowest term,which is 3.

 y =   15   divided by   3 
                                                                       18                       3

    15 divided by 3 is 5, and 18 divided by 3 is 6.Here, you just simplified your answer.


      d    =   7 
                                                                              5        5

   In this equation, this is where fractions need fractions. 

      Try to simplify the question by first putting:

                                                                              1   d =  7 
                                                                              5           5
     You then divide the fractions by - 1/5. Beside the 1/5 you divide by 5.

    1   d =   7 
                                                                            5           5    
                                                                          -1             -1      divided by 5
                                                                           5              5

     Basically, you are removing, dividing, and making it multiply by the fractions.
     Next you put: d =    -7   or -7

     Last but not least, you are going to multiply by the negative sign that was left. The negative sign also means (-1). With those fractions that are left, you multiply that with the negative sign. And you have 7/5.

(-1) -7  =  
                                                                                5       5

If you want to learn more about solving these kinds of algebraic equations, I suggest you to watch this video! And I hope you don't have the iconic 'Kim Kardashian crying face' anymore after reading this! :)

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  1. good job Jobelle! good use of colour and you made it step by step and I understand it great job!

  2. Great Job on your Scribe Post Jobelle. The use of colour in your post is very good. Highlights the important and leaves out the not as important stuff in how to do our questions. You also incorporated humor into your Scribe Post. Both you and Fiona did very well.

  3. brilliant job jobelley !! great use of colour and awesome format :)) sorry about the late comment but might as well comment now then never !! and the kim kardashian picture is absolutely hilarious :D its nice seeing some humour in a scribe post :))

  4. Good job jobelle! i really like the use of colour and how there's humor in your post.

  5. Good job jobelle! i really like the use of colour and how there's humor in your post.