Eunice's Algebra Combining Like Terms, Scribe Post

This will help you to a solve 2 step algebra equation...
For example:

  1. To make it easier you put the variable at the start of the equation.
  2. Now u subtract 4 from 3 giving you a 1 step algebra question.
  3. To isolate the variable you have to use the opposite, in this case you have to add 1(make sure you do it on both sides).
  4. a -1 and a +1 is a zero pair so now your left with x on the left side and on the right it says 6+1 which equals to 7.
  5. It should leave you with x =7.
  6. Now you verify your answer.

Here is a video to help you out more.

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  1. Very well done post. Very good use of the picture. It caught my eye right away. The only disappointing this is that there isn't much use of colour that could of been used in this post. Asides from colour everything else is well done.

  2. I like how it caught my eye right away. Good job !

  3. Good Job Eunice, I like how you managed to keep your scribe short yet with a lot of detail and information. Nonetheless i think you've met all of the criteria other than the use of colour.

  4. i think you did very well on explaining the topic; with detail and key information. I also liked your visual presentation of solving equations of algebra. well done! :)

  5. Good Job Eunice, I really liked how you put steps to help us solve the equation.