Vincent Maula's Transposing Scribe Post

 This is Vincent and this is my first Scribe Post. I am going to teach you how to Transpose. On page 42, “Why Do Girls Like Guys Who Wear Shirts With Eight Buttons”.

Question 1

E 45n-7=10n+2
    The First thing you have to do is multiply 45nand 4(-7) before you actually transpose. So 4(5n) is 20n and 4(-7) is -28.
    This will be your new question. Now you will transpose. Lala. Letters Left. NR. Numbers Right. To transpose you will have to make Zero Pairs. To put letters(variables) on the left you will have to make a zero pair out of the variable that’s on the right side of the equals sign. So vice versa. To put numbers on the right you make a zero pair with the numbers(integers) on the left side of the equals sign.
-10n+28  = -10n+28
           10n= 30
    This will be the result of you transposing. You make a zero pair with -10n because 10n is on the right side and you need to put it on the left side. Positive 10n and negative 10n make a zero pair. -28 is on the left side and you need it on the right side. Negative 28 and positive 28 make a zero pair. Whatever you do to one side you do to the other.You add +28 to one side you add +28 to the other. Do the same with -10n.
    Now just solve the equation as you would normally
Time to verify. But you have to verify with the original question, not the simplified one. All you have to do is change all the variables with what “n” = to. So in this case “n” is 3. So change all of the n’s to 3
    Use the square brackets as the outer brackets because you have the round brackets inside the square ones.
            32 =32

N  Now another question with less words.
Transpose. Make zero pairs.
-4x -27=-4x-27
The result is
Solve as normal
x  = -6
Now verify. Change all x’s to -6
Note: Use the original question
    9(-3) =-24-3

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  1. awesome job vincent!! good use of colour, and amazing explanation. super easy to read and the entire thing is all-around stunning. great job (:

  2. good job, Vincent. the way you interpreted transposing is very excellent. the font size makes it easier to comprehend, as well as the font colour. well done.

  3. great scribe post about transposing! I like the way you explained each step thoroughly and took your time with it. I also like the use of color and size of fonts; very well done! best one yet.